Monday, October 15, 2012

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

In March, we found out we were expecting our first child and just a couple weeks later my brother, Jeff and his wife, Paula found out the same exact news! What a coincidence, eh?!  Jesse and I are so excited to not only become parents this Winter but an aunt and uncle for the first time as well!  Grandpa and Grandma Underhill sure are excited to get to spoil double the trouble within days of one another too!  The story gets weirder so I listed some fun facts below about Baby Seykora and Baby Underhill.  They were bound from the beginning to be lifelong cousins and friends!

  • Both babies are BOYS!
  • Both babies have due dates in December...the 1st for Baby S. and the 12th for Baby U.
  • Both babies will have the same middle name...we think...;)
  • Both babies were measuring 31 weeks at the same point during the pregnancies.
  • Both babies will have big puppy sisters...Lola and Roxy!
The BIG question is which one will we meet first?!  Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Showered with Love!

Baby Seykora is already so lucky to have such thoughtful people in his life.  We have definitely been showered with love from both families, all of our friends and co-workers while awaiting for this little guy's arrival!  Below is a picture of us from  Baby S's latest shower-his Baseball Shower given by Grandma Carol and Great-Aunt Nancy.  Grandma worked hard thinking of the perfect baseball themed food, games and treats for his big celebration.  It was a day filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries and baseball cake! 


Friday, October 12, 2012

Almost 34 weeks!

We're almost at the 6 week mark...woo hoo!  I went to the doc today and everything is going along just fine.  My blood pressure was great, I am measuring right on track and Baby S.'s heartbeat was 140 bpm exactly!  Here is my 34 (almost) week pic! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

50 Days or Less!

Did you know that a 9 month pregnancy lasts 266 days?  Words can't describe how happy I am to see the last 50 days on the calendar.  Happy isn't even the right word, ecstatic or overjoyed would fit my feelings as well.  Thankfully, I've had a pretty uneventful pregnancy if you do not include the weeks, rather months, rather trimesters of nausea, gagging, aches and pains.  I am including this post as my own version of What to Expect When You Are Expecting so I remember what to expect next time around.  Needless to say, both Jesse and I are eagerly excited to meet our little boy sometime within the next 50 days or less and get Mama feelin' better...going past my due date is not going to be an option in this house! =)  Until then, you can see how I (and Baby S) have grown since we found out about our little one in March below. 

5 weeks!
14 weeks!
15 weeks!
18 weeks!
19 weeks!
20 weeks!
21 weeks!
23 weeks!
24 weeks!
25 weeks!
27 weeks!
29 weeks!
31 weeks!
32 weeks!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's Try This Blogging Thing Out!

Thanks for visiting our family blog!  Jesse and I are going to use this to blog (and brag a little) about our family so we don't clog up your Facebook newsfeeds with baby updates and thousands of pictures.  Please visit often and we will update you with the latest, greatest news for our growing family.  XOXO!   

One of Baby Boy's 1st pictures!